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"THE RGS ATALANTAS - Dick Shattock's Pioneering Sports Racing Cars, including JAGs"
by Alan Shattock

 IS COMPLETE, hopefully to appear at the end of year. 
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Shortly, we will be confirming details of the publication date and availability, and will put up, on this site, example pages from the book.

The first RGS Atalanta, MMX 343, on a pre war chassis
In 1944, Dick Shattock designed, developed and raced the post-war R.G.S. Atalanta from the remains of the pre-war marque. This website has been set up by Alan and Richard Shattock, son and grandson of Dick Shattock (a.k.a R.G.S) to help collate information on these unique cars. We welcome any feedback and news of previous and existing examples of the R.G.S. marque, to add to information that we have.
The 2nd RGS Atalanta with alloy body built by John Griffiths (standing)
RGS Automobile Components Ltd supplied chassis and suspension components, up to complete chassis', and, a little later, fibre-glass bodies, with or without coupe hard-tops. Because of this, there are a number of "hybrid" R.G.S. Atalantas in existence. Some "special"  sports cars  were also developed with just the R.G.S. Atalanta fibre-glass bodies. This is acknowledged to be the first use of fibre-glass for car bodies and over 100 were sold.  If you own, or know of, any unusual chassis' or front or rear suspension units, or a fibre-glass car body of unknown origin, please contact us and we may be able to help you identify it, or at least to see if it has any Atalanta characteristics. We look forward to hearing from you!  Please Contact us.
Showroom RGS fibreglass body (over 100 sold)HBL 845 with C-type Jaguar engine and fibreglass body in 1954
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