RGS Atalanta Cars - A 1950's Racing Legend

Book Title: THE RGS ATALANTAS - Dick Shattock's        Pioneering Sports Racing Cars, including JAGs
               by Alan G Shattock

FOREWORD by Jonathan Wood
1  The Origin of the Pre-war Atalanta Car Company
2. The Life and Times of Dick Shattock 1915 to 2004
3. RGS Atalanta No 1, MMX 343 (Brooke and Lea-Francis)1944 to 1951
4. The RGS Atalanta "Kit of Parts" Design
5. RGS Atalanta No 2, HBL 845 (Lea-Francis) 1951-1953
    RGS Atalanta No 2 1954 to 1958 (Jaguar)
    1950s Competition events with HBL 845
   RGS Atalanta No 2 1958 to date
   List of Competition events with HBL 845 since 2003
6. RGS Atalanta Fibreglass Bodies and the HWM connection
7. Complete RGS Atalantas (Index and section for each known car)
8A Other Manufacturers using RGS Fibreglass Bodies (TVR, Buckler)
8B One-off sports cars using RGS fibreglass bodies
9. John A Griffiths and notes on all JAG Cars 1946 to 1970
10. The Atalanta Revived 2010 to present
Appendices (including reprint articles)
Index of all car registration numbers

The book is very high-quality hardback, 279 x 219mm, with the RGS Atalanta badge embossed onto the cover, over 224 pages and over 225 never-before-seen photographs of RGS and JAG cars.
The book is available now direct from the Publishers' website, with a link from this website (see HOME page). Further enquiries from   alan.shattock@ucd.ie 

Of interest to those building or re-building a historic "special" with an RGS fibreglass body, the book contains a full double-page spread of the original body drawings showing methods and fixings for attaching the body to frame and to chassis. 

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