RGS Atalanta Cars - A 1950's Racing Legend

RGS Atalanta, Reg: UKL 852

Built for David Smallwood at the Atalanta works in Winkfield and registered for him in 1953 by Dick Shattock; probably chassis number 3. All aluminium body built by John Griffiths at Winkfield. Independant RGS Atalanta suspension front (trailing arms) and rear (de Dion); inboard rear alloy brakes, 16" wire wheels, Original Rey-Dot mirrors and le Mans filler cap. Green leather interior. Immaculately restored; Bodywork finished in British Racing Green with yellow stripe.
Engine: Jaguar C-type, No: F-1632-8, built in 1953, with special valves, 16 (US) quart sump, Warren Pierce intake manifold and triple SU H-8 carburetors (now with HD8).
This car is one of the few RGS Atalantas completed at the "Works" at Brookside Garage and one of the few with alloy body - most had the fibre-glass bodies pioneered by Dick Shattock. It was imported into the USA in 1978 by Sam Tayloe and then passed to its present owner in 1989, who can be contacted for further information and price at tyson1956@aol.com

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